Week 9, 2013: Google Glasses | Home & Garden Community App

Wearable computing is the future. With Google Glass finally unveiling more details we get a glimpse of what to expect in our future.

Community information is a key factor in deciding where to live, so this real estate app from Better Homes and Garden helps you to get an idea of the community you’re eyeing.

As seen on GlobalTV’s Shaw Tech Report.

Connected Life on Global 2013: Involving Kids in Coding.

Code.org is encouraging educational institutions to expose kids as early as middle school to computer programming. In the time of digital progression, we have to start training our kids for the jobs of the future. Bradley discusses the benefits of coding and how we can get involved.

Week 9, 2013: Google Street View goes inside & HTC One

Google is expanding our world again by showing us the interiors of establishments in streetview for business. Get a preview of what you are planning to visit before you go there.

Beating the iPhone is no mundane task, but the new flagship phone from HTC might just have what it takes to take on the giant from Cupertino.

As seen on GlobalTV’s Shaw Tech Report.

Week 8, 2013: Graphene & Beercade

Graphene super-super capacitors- The future of batteries?

The ultimate arcade game is here, and it gives you beer!

As seen on GlobalTV’s Shaw Tech Report.

Week 8, 2013: 3Doodler & Tablet for Babies

3Doodler- The Handheld 3D drawing tool just launching out of kickstarter!

Start them young without breaking your bank, tablets are the new rage so your baby definitely needs to have the InnoTab 2 Baby from VTech, the only tablet designed for babies.

As seen on GlobalTV’s Shaw Tech Report.

Week 7 ,2013: Bowblade & Alternative Energy Solutions

Invented by a chiropractor, the Bowblade is a life size bow you attach to your iphone to play augmented reality shooter games.

Solar and wireless charging are trending alternative energy charging stations, goal zero lets you charge anywhere in the world.

As seen on GlobalTV’s Shaw Tech Report.

Harlem Shake MoodleMoot 2013 Edition ( Digital Learning Conference Vancouver )

Bradley Shende and Martin Dougiamas get educators shaking during the Moodle Moot 2013 Conference in Vancouver.

Week 7, 2013: Roksheild & Monster headphones

The RokShield bills itself as having more function than any other case on the market.

Since 2008, designer and celebrity headphones have burst onto the market and never looked back.

As seen on GlobalTV’s Shaw Tech Report.

Week 6, 2013: Office 365 & Interlock

Checking out the new Office 365 and contrasting features with Google Docs.

A Canadian inventor gets his kickstart from the famous website and we look at whats coming in bike tech.

As seen on GlobalTV’s Shaw Tech Report.

Connected Life on Global: Blackberry Z10

Bradley brings to you the latest from Waterloo with the Blackberry Z10. Can this device actually help Blackberry make a comeback?

As seen on GlobalBC’s Morning News.