Week 6, 2013: Couples Sleep Tech: Lark Up & Chili Pad

When everyone gets a good sleep, mostly everyone is happier! Here are a few tech items to help you and your partner sleep better: The Lark Up and Chili Pad.

As seen on GlobalTV’s Shaw Tech Report.

Week 6, 2013: Lenovo, Table PC & Tactus

The new Lenova Table PC is aptly named Horizon. It is what’s on the horizon.

Tactus is a new technology for smartphones that makes then more tactile then just a flat screen.

As seen on GlobalBC’s Shaw Tech Report.

Week 5, 2013: Ingress & Ipad control’s London-town

An invitation-only beta phase game called Ingress, aims to blur the line between reality and fiction with your smartphone.

The lights of London are getting a tech-savvy twist. All of its street lights will be replaced with smart street lights over the next four years, that will be controlled and monitored with iPads.

As seen on GlobalTV’s Shaw Tech Report.

Week 5, 2013: Plastic streets & Learning Robots

Using wax derived from plastic waste, the City of Vancouver aims to mix the processed plastics into the asphalt in paving the streets.

A new robot takes instruction to learn mundane household tasks to your specification.

As seem on GlobalTV’s Shaw Tech Report

Week 5, 2013: Home Automation & Avatar robots

Home automation used to be a dream for the regular joe but not anymore with systems that integrate with devices you already have – like your smartphone.

A team of French and Japanese researchers have made huge progress towards making Avatar real, with a serious breakthrough towards making telepathically controlled robots.

As seen on GlobalTV’s Shaw Tech Report.

Week 4, 2013: Jobs on Facebook & Smart Steering

HireRabbit helps companies create customized job sites on their Facebook Pages.

BMW places an LCD screen on the wheel with buttons for controls adding gamification to your driving experience.

As seen on GlobalTV’s ConnectedLife.

Week 4, 2013: Bibio-mat & Lego Re-use

This show focuses on reuse of material for new things. Old Books and a vending machine come together for readers, put in your money and get a random new read. Pass it on.

Lego gets a new Atom on kickstarter with add-ons to make your lego a monster or magic wand that actually work via iOS control bricks, infrared emitters and sensors.

As seen on GlobalTV’s Shaw Tech Report.

Week 4, 2013: Talkto & Digital Exercise

TalkTo is an app that works in the background to find the best way to contact the business with your message, delivering it by chat, SMS, email, or by phone.

Digital motivational tools like the Jawbone Up or Misfit shine you can keep track of your exercise activity and give you the feedback you want.

As seen on GlobalTV’s Shaw Tech Report.

Week 3, 2013: Google Fiber & TV

Google allows you one of the best searches on the internet but now it wants to be a provider as well. Competition beware as they are offering speeds of one Gigabit per second. Google has also just released its TV voice software for GoogleTV that can help users find content.

As seen on GlobalTV’s Shaw Tech Report.

Week 3, 2013: Eye implants & Brainwave Headbands

We’ve heard of cochlear implants and promise of movement for physical impairments, and now we have vision for the blind thanks to advance implant technology.

If you want to get in on harnessing the power of your brainwaves AND look retro-chic, there’s a new headband called the Muse that’ll do the trick.

As seen on GlobalTV’s Shaw Tech Report.